Monday, April 9, 2012


as I lay me down to die
I'll count them all
you've never tried

to live or love
or what's beneath

you've never seen
why I'm so keen
to bleed for things I cannot see

yet I can feel
them in between
the sheets upstairs in which you lie

mascara scabs
and painted sighs

you said the world should go away
the town was painted
the world is grey

writer's block

I wish to write but I
     have no words
Nothing is worth anything
     especially to those who
     can't see
Have I lost my sight?

I lie in fur and quilted silk
Rich yet thrown together poorly
          Someone has no taste
     but wants to feel

But I need this...
     I need you.

I need to be medicated.

I am fearless and proud
     yet full of shame
     from my inadequacies
Beauty only lies in what is
     I have forgotten
          my beholder
And I am never alone.

     The white rabbit has
nestled in her bunny hole
     She's been running for
so long...

Ever hunted, she now feels

Had I thought this was possible?

I bow to no one yet I
     lower my head in
     reverence to you

Lead me through this
     dream you've conjured
     Through the twisted hallways
through fire and ice
          through forgotten joys
     past regrettable silences

Lead me to the place you call