Friday, September 4, 2015

Risk Level Midnight w.i.p.

I realize that in writing this it puts me more at a risk. They say you'll never die if you don't make preparations. I say most of us are dead already. Living on borrowed time until we awake. That being said, there are some things that need to be written. Some things I will not go to the grave carrying. Its not that the burden is great. There is no burden. No great weight. No guilt. That is not the intent of this composition. Its just, how could I not tell you?

I wanted you to know first and foremost that I love you. All of you. If there was one thing in my life now that is not lacking, it is love. I may not always (or ever) say it, but never doubt that you hold a place in my soul. Etched by a delicate hand. And to each of you, I am forever grateful for the imprint you've made on my life.

To the beautiful one, who made me feel stable when my mind left me weak. You were the one to show me, for the first time in my life, that I could be safe and secure despite my demons. To the symbol of what a gentleman should be. To the man whose passion and ethics outshone the brightest sun. To the friend who gave me a way to get my life back when physical pain was leaving me crippled. I thank you; I love you.

To the man with the sonorous voice full of depth and understanding. To the insecure man, who should never have felt he had to be anything but himself. To my childhood savior, both of my life and my sanity. To the one that I lost. It left a wound so gaping I know I'll never be truly whole again. I will stand beside you forever in reverence and love.

To the man with the valiant heart that no one sees. To the king of nerds, and geeks. To the status differentiate and impatient understanding that somehow encompasses you. To the sentimentally beautiful man who sings lullaby's. To the lonely, I see you; I love you.

To the certifiably insane. To the woman I would give my world to just to see a smile.