Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Wedding Song

A touch
A breath, like whispers against my skin

Each a declaration of a promise
A dedication
An endearment of my love - my life long dream

Our fingers encircle and I know this is it

A plunge into forever
Forever dancing, swirling, swimming through ambience and light

This is my world; my now
My ever after filled with joy and blessings

My eyes meet yours and nothing has felt more true

I love you
...I feel so thankful

I’ve found the best in me by being near you, 
And I just can’t turn away

My eyes tear, unable to contain this whirlwind inside

This pinnacle of beauty
This gathering of all whom I hold dear
I need to express; to convey 

And yet...
Will my words fail me now

Witness my joy
Join me, as I write this chapter and know that this 

This is the best day of my life