Thursday, July 21, 2016


in the passenger seat
the mists creep into my brain
as the lights draw lines in the sky
you watch me
silent, beautiful one

in a crowded restaurant
my thoughts wander...
trivial fragments you love to hear
but my silence echoes off noisy walls
and you wonder.

now I sit and watch your soul
my artist
your appreciation
my tired eyes falling before you
"are you in there?"

chop off my mane - I'm finished
life as a house in reconstruction
but you are there
silently watching, wondering
if perhaps....perhaps I'll create art

art for the artist
pastel colors creating something deep
something other than what they were intended
but you love it
because it's me

in your passenger seat
I quietly reflect
we are alone, together
as I am in your mind...for once I'm understood
because it's you

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