Monday, March 19, 2012


It starts with a smell. The pheromone injected colognes alone would be enough to make your head swim but concoct that with the laundry detergents, the shampoos (conditioners, hair products), the deodorants, and the natural smell that you would wake up to the next morning and sometimes that can be enough. Enough to break through the reserved polite composure of normalcy and introduce the primal.

Next comes the touch. Unbelievably soft sensual lips tracing...seemingly knowing without words where to go, what to do to make the body shiver without warning in a sordid sigh. The whisper of facial hair, the hands slightly rougher than yours softly exploring and loving what they find, the weight of his body pressed against yours and with all this - this assault upon the everyday living your senses are accustomed to that you lose yourself.  You look into his eyes with dilated pupils completely unaware of any impression  you might be making and have long ago forgotten about (let go). He is taller, leaner, stronger, rougher, harder. He is the complete opposite of everything you are and it's this that overflows your capacity of restraint. 

(let go)

Clothing hastily torn or teasingly removed, release of tension in hair pulls, spanking, various positions...multiple orgasms...all this to get here. Here, looking up through a sweaty smiling fog into eyes that are expressing something beyond your understanding. It's here that you come to love and hate the world, love and hate your position, your role...your understanding. Its here, after allowing complete vulnerably that the shattered glass that had been your wall  begins to reforge itself deep within the recesses of your soul only to be slowly poured again. 

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