Tuesday, January 10, 2023

All for Love

At the center of Caimas Lake, a small boat bobbed gently in the slight breeze. On the boat, three friends relaxed jovially. They teased one another and laughed lightly. Each seemed so different, both in appearance and in class yet here they merged wonderfully together. However, as we watched, we sensed something was not quite right. A few of us out of curiosity flew to the closest tree. The willow grew on a small island hopefully within earshot of the boat. It’s long tendrils kissed the water from our weight as we landed but to the group of friends it would simply look like a few birds resting. 

The girl was at the oars. She was well known in the area. We squabbled at each other to determine if this was simply why things seemed off. She had not been seen in these lands for years beyond counting. To us she felt a return of a children’s tale. Her mouth smiled and laughed but her eyes screamed. Her two male companions did not seem to notice. One was comfortably laying on the hull with his legs up on a seat. The other was gazing out at the water quietly.

The male gazing at the water smiled brilliantly back at his friends, kissed the girl, and dove into the water. I gazed at the other birds to see if they had heard his words. Perhaps it was the water that was too loud, or it was the wind whispering through the willow fronds, but we heard nothing. We watched in frustrated confusion as we followed his blond hair treading through the water as he swam towards the shore. He did not turn back or look back as he strolled out and walked towards civilization. 

I looked back at the boat to find the girl was no longer at the oars. The companion that had been laying on the hull was now in her place and she sat at his feet, weeping. We looked at each other troubled but hopped in excitement as they moved closer. Within moments, they passed under the branches and stepped out on the small island. Their boat was completely concealed, as was most of the island from anywhere in the lake due to well placed trees and rocks. We followed overhead and landed above them when they finally stopped.

“Talk to me…” The young man held her hand and looked at her with concern. 

“I’m pregnant.”

His hand squeezed around hers as he smiled softly. “You don’t seem happy about it.”

“I don’t know what I want to do.” She bit her lip and wept quietly, wrapping her arms around him as he pulled her close. “I just wish…”

“Don’t. Don’t beat yourself up.” He looked up and I swore he could see through our forms to who we truly were. “Just….If you decide you don’t want to keep it, don’t tell him. It’ll destroy him and while he can be an ass but I’m not sure he deserves that. Whatever you decide, I’ll be here, okay? You’re not alone.”

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