Monday, January 2, 2023

We Come Running

The girl lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. She had taped tabloid celebrities above her that she had fallen in love with. She knew their birthdays, their childhood stories, and their relationship statuses. She crossed her legs and smiled at her creation. Her mother thought it was ridiculous and complained of the tape marks when pictures were swapped. The girl rolled her eyes and continued ignoring her homework beside her. Hadn’t her mother been fifteen once? Times were different then blah blah blah. You don’t understand how you have it so lucky.

The girl grabbed her stereo remote and punched up the volume. She was an expert of recording off the radio. She barely had any of the announcer. She sang softly to a song about falling in love. 

A thud hit her bedroom door and she hit the power on her stereo killing the sound. “Sara, phone’s for you! I’m expecting a call from grandma. Make it quick.”

“You could pay extra and get call waiting…!”

“God damn it Sara, just get the phone..”

The girl smiled and grabbed the receiver on her night stand. “Thank you for calling Marcos, home of the best pizza around! What can I get started for you today?”

Her best friend laughed. “Would your mom let you stay over tonight? My parents have to drive three hours north for something for my brother. I think they’ll end up just staying out there. Dad hates to drive after dark.”

The girl wiggled her toes and glanced at her mother pacing by the door. “Hang on…” She rested the phone on her blankets and shouted “Can I stay at Rach’s house tonight?”

Her mother frowned and looked at the unfinished homework. “That done?”

“No, but I was hoping I could go so she could help me…”

Her mother squinted in doubt. “Fine, but I can’t take you. Five min left on this phone call. I need the line clear for your grandma.”

The girl rolled her eyes and started packing. She put the receiver back at her ear. “Did you hear that?” 

“I’m helping you with homework huh?”

She stuffed all her papers haphazardly into a folder and shoved it in her bag. “Whatever. Can your parents get me?”

Two minutes!

“You need a watch mom! It hasn’t been…”

“Sara! Shut it and listen.” Her friend shouted through the phone. “They’ll be there in ten.”

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