Sunday, January 1, 2023


I lowered myself before a being of grace and beauty. It had an ethereal glow and it outstretched its arms as it started to rise. The heavens bellowed and the sound overtook us until we heard no more. I felt wet trickle down my neck from my ears and I wept from witnessing the exalted.

The wind whipped around it, tearing at the robes it had draped upon its frame. It had monstrous wings that did not move as it levitated further into the air. The winds sliced at our eyes and skin. It scoured our sin making us raw and exposed. I felt unworthy to witness this being but I was utterly unable to look away. I was filled with terror and admiration. I must appease it could think of no sacrifice that would lift my dirty soul to the heavens. 

It’s face did not seem cognizant of this world. Its lips parted slightly and its head fell back as it hovered before us. An involuntary shudder ran down my spine as it tensed. An explosion of light burst forth from the creature and we covered our heads. We curled up like frightened children at its feet as we waited. 

We heard a voice, which surely must have existed in our minds, for our ears were still deafened. It crept from the shadows and stood proud in defiance. 

“It’s interesting to me that angels and demons are all one in the same.” 

A presence walked among us but dared not move to look. The earth trembled and the wind ceased. A man rushed through us and I looked up in time to see him leaping through the air. The winged being stood calmly on the dirt, not concerned as this man flew at it, daggers drawn.

“We will no longer offer death to the one you serve. Begone! Return to your master!”

The man made contact and his dagger cut in deep. The winged creature tilted its head in agony and a silent scream I could feel rattling my bones. It flung the man and his dagger into those still prostrated before it. It fell to its knees, wings curled in tight in its pain. I could see it was bleeding a mercurial substance. It spurted and started to pool as the being slammed its fist into the earth. The man stood over it, silver dripping from his knife. 

“Never again shall you harm them. You and your kind are not welcome here. Begone.”

The man made one final blow before the creature fell. He looked out at us and found that I was the only one who dared watch this display. He winked at me and disappeared in a cloud of soot. 

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