Tuesday, January 17, 2023

So Young

It had been a week since I had been left here. The family of the castle had been more than accommodating and they gave me ample space if and when I wanted it. I couldn’t help thinking I would be here until they sent word out that I was ready to leave. Yet, I was no prisoner. I just had nowhere else to go. 

My main companion Nailo seemed like the perfect embodiment of beauty and grace. While those words could usually be said for her kind, she seemed to emulate these virtues within as well. I had found that while her kind were awe inspiring, they were often hollow or rotten within. Her soul was pure. This carried down to her children, who accompanied me whenever I wished to spend time in the gardens. I was loathe to leave but knew it was not my calling to stay.

“I was thinking it might be time for me to leave soon…” I broached the subject lightly with Nailo. She seemed surprised but nodded in understanding.

She sat fluidly and her long fingers curled softly around the arms of her chair. “Where will you go?”

I paused. I wasn’t entirely sure. “Maybe home.” I frowned and started to pick at my nails to distract myself. I could feel her smiling at me.

“I’m sure your father misses you very much.” The thought of him brought tears to my eyes. “Does this mean you will return to that life? Your actions had such an air of finality to them, I thought…”

“How do you know about that? Did Monol tell you?” 

Her eyes flickered in sorrow. “Darling, I was there that night. I watched your father pacing nervously and your mother slowly get more and more flushed with wine and anger.” Her touch was cool and relaxing as she reached forward to hold my hand. “You made for quite the evening.”

“I don’t want that life.” I sighed and squeezed her hand. She held firm in comforting me. 

“What do you want?”

I looked into her eyes and swallowed back emotion. “Freedom.”

She slid into the seat beside me and hugged me. “I want that for you as well and I hope you don’t feel trapped here. I don’t wish to speak for Monol but I believe he either wanted you to learn something from being here or he thought where he was going was too dangerous for you. Knowing him, probably both.” There was a twinkle in her eyes as she smiled. “I’ll help you however I can.”

“How do you know Monol?”

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