Friday, January 27, 2023

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

The sky had turned black and destitute. Small flicks of glowing embers fell like snow to coat everything in ash. He stood, trying to remember what had been there just moments before. If he could recreate it in his mind, he might will it to existence. Slowly, the world came into chaotic focus. The sound of the flames was overwhelming but all that could be seen was a subtle orange glow around the outlines of support beams and toppled buildings. In the distance, an explosion lit the black sky in a spray of gold and orange as the flames engulfed its next target.

His breath was labored as he tried to move. Each step was excruciating. Each step, embers remained, outlining his shoe impressions. He ripped away the bottom of his shirt and wrapped it over his nose and mouth. The only liquid he had was vodka and he be damned if he was going to waste it wetting his mouth covering. He tied it securely behind his head wincing as his hair pulled and twisted in the knot. 

Never for a moment did he consider running away. His daughter was here. She should have been with her mother but for the moment he didn’t care if Elle was breathing or had burned along with her bakery. He just needed to know his baby was ok. Then he could working on getting the two of them to safety. 

His breath came in shallow and slight. The sweat pouring from his skin did nothing to cool him. He felt lost. Hopeless. He had no clue where to begin. He understood he could not call out and that if his child was screaming, he would never hear her. He looked up as he offered a small prayer to the gods and saw a glimmer of an outline of vast wings before the darkness swallowed the world again. He felt beads of sweat drip down his back and he hastily ran in terror, throwing caution to the wind. He made it to the next ruin of a building before crying out silently as pain radiated up his legs. 

Gods, help me…

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