Saturday, December 31, 2022


 In this world of metal rivets and assembly line fractures, we peddle ourselves to a “higher good.” Anything to be seen as favored by our peers but in the end its striving against the monotony that pushes greatness. We’re so convinced we want more but aren’t willing to pay the cost. We fall into disrepair and grime. We fall into themes of hope and disillusionment. We are led by scientists that flail about with the accuracy of weather reports. In the name of progress we pledge our lives for the greater good.

Chemicals rain down on umbrellas made of PVC. They splash in puddles of oil and slops, corrosive, on our shoes. We throw spectrums at it and call it art. Each painting is exactly the same. Each is coveted by the masses and hangs on the walls of the elite. We would murder for this piece and think nothing of it. Anything for a taste.

The needle pierces the skin and injects energy. If it gets in a vein, it’s lethal. There’s no coming back from that sort of elation. It’s a death with a crooked horrifying grin frozen on its face. For a while it was the only way to go. The value skyrocketed. We were children looking to have a good time. Politicians pushed it to clear the streets but all it did was kill the rich.

Standing atop skyscrapers like gargoyles, we look out into the night. Like clockwork we could watch the wave of corruption flow through the streets. There was a time when we would have welcomed a savior. Now, we’re certain our only future is read through tarot cards on a dirty street corner. We’re above that. We will watch the dismal fall. 

Political cartoon propaganda aimed at those pushing change gets plastered like shitty wallpaper over shop windows. They cover broken glass and drafts in irony.

We watch the fires start. The flames are green and they crackle wildly before shooting tall and unnatural. Men come with hoses and spray corrosion to contain the blazes. Their sirens provide a beautiful break from the monotony and we start to throw out bodies against each other in a mosh above the world. A government employee tries to pass out drugs. His screams feed the flames as he’s thrown over the edge. His face, a horrifying grin as it cackles wildly and his heart stops. 

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