Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Comme Au Premier Jour

Eos and Azmehr stand proudly waiting for their daughter. She is back temporarily from her studies and they were throwing a ball in her honor. A banquet table is set with a massive feast. Monol stands with them idly chatting as dignitaries and friends mingle, feast, and dance.

Eos: she should be down by now

Azmehr: she will be, she will not disappoint

Monol: ((takes food off a passing tray and thoughtfully chews as he watches the two of them converse)) 

Eos: I should go get her

Azmehr: she’ll be down. I made it very clear the expectations behind tonight and what it means for her future

Eos: …what do you mean

Azmehr: Eos this is standard protocol. She must accept her place.

Monol: what’s going on?

Eos: she will officially accept her ascension to the throne tonight. 

Azmehr: appearances only of course. She will never actually sit on the throne

Eos: well…

Azmehr: or be accepted as a half elf. Just ridiculous. 

Eos: ((sighs)) she’ll also be announcing her engagement to the kingdom. We thoroughly vetted the boy she’s been dating and while he isn’t ideal…

Azmehr: he can be molded 

Monol: wow 

Eos: yeah…she’s very late hun, shouldn’t we see what’s happening?

Azmehr: no. She’s an adult. Go mingle and enjoy yourself. The evening will continue on as it will

Monol: I’ll go ((pats Eos’s shoulder))

Monol doesn’t go looking for her but instead just retires to his room in the palace. He stands in silence for a moment and then starts packing a bag when there’s a light knock at the door. He opens it to find a distressed Ioline. She’s dressed in a light purple and silver evening gown. He ushers her inside quietly and shuts the door before verbally greeting her.

Monol: You’re missing your party

Ioline: I don’t think I want to go

Monol: are you sure? You look quite ready to join in the festivities

Ioline: maybe I don’t want that life

Monol: there’s a steep price to pay for your absence, my lady. I would make sure you’re absolutely certain. You have a little time, but not much

Ioline: I don’t want the throne

Monol: ((stops packing)) why? You’d be respected and be a beautiful change to the kingdom. Are you afraid you won’t live up to your parents? Your dad will be proud and … well, like I said, you’ll be a beautiful change from your mother.

Ioline: I want to join you in your adventures

Monol: …my lady, they’re dangerous. 

Ioline: I can look after myself

Monol: ((frowns)) I appreciate that you liked the taste of that life, but its tough. You’d be throwing away your future for something you’ll get sick of in six months. I think you do want this. You got ready to stun the world with your presence. Seeing me shouldn’t change your mind…and you should be happy to share your engagement. I…((clears throat)) congratulations.

Ioline: my what?

Monol: …go enjoy the evening and tell me all about it when I return

Monol grabs his packed bag and leaves Ioline in his room. He makes he way down to the stables, taking the long way to clear his head before he rides out. As he enters the stables, he’s surprised to find her there waiting for him. She’s changed into her riding leathers.

Monol: My lady?

Ioline: you didn’t say no

Monol: didn’t I?

Ioline: please

Monol: until tomorrow you’re still considered heir to the throne my lady…its your decision, and a hefty one. I’m not sure your fiancé will understand? I don’t think I would, in his position.

Ioline: He’s not my fiancé. 

Both pause and start saddling horses. A few glances are shared between them and soft smiles when the other isn’t looking.

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