Saturday, December 10, 2022

Love the Way You Lie

 She said she felt like Cinderella. Made her dad frown and stay silent as he opened the door for her date. He didn’t like the kid. No one will be good enough for his baby girl, especially now that it was just him watching out. Mom got caught. Thankfully, mom didn’t seem to be effecting her tonight, and for that, perhaps he should smile.  

Her heart was elated. A warm glow filled the air as fairly lights flickered softly. She wasn’t there for her date. She wasn’t there for her friends. She wanted to feel. Escape. She wanted to hold this moment in her heart until she burst. 

She felt her date’s hand grab at her in a clumsy sensuality, pulling her out of her thoughts. She frowned and moved their hand back to her waist. She tried to go back to that place but the intrusion ruined her mindset and the date wasn’t getting her unspoken wishes. They pouted and presented a stronger argument. She saw herself pulling away but her date had a firm grip around her wrist. Trapped. It was three minutes to midnight in her mind and she smiled softly. 

Her fist was quick, and though she was smaller and weaker, she had used their strength pulling at her to add power to the hit. She made contact center of their throat. They squeaked and let her go as they clutched at themselves as though that would force air through. They fell to their knees in baffled confusion and panic, barely seeing her flee to the door. A crowd formed around them. Call 911! They shook their head in protest and looked up with watery eyes. Did she leave her shoe? Wheezing they fought their way through the sea of people that wanted to help. The crowd fought back, swarming as the date struggled to chase the girl. Siren’s merged with the music as she called her dad.  

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