Wednesday, December 28, 2022

I Love You

 Small whimpers in the dark carry through the apartment and into dreams of its sleeping guardian. Eyes open and vague forms fill the vision as the moonlight cast faint illuminations. A sigh is heard from the guardian and the whimpering stops. The guardian smiles and closes their eyes, ignoring the cries until morning light despite the pulls to their heart. The guardian did everything they should have done. There’s stuffed animals, familiar scents, and warmth provided. Food, water, and a place to use the restroom were also provided, though probably unnecessary. It would be only a matter of time before the new lifestyle is adapted on both sides. Until then, this would be new night time music.

The morning was met with silence. Heavy footsteps attempting to be silent walked down the hall and towards the cage. The guardian started singing softly to wake the sleeping angel, which started wiggling in happiness. It was met with soft kisses and unconditional love.

The guardian watched over its charge as it grew. It adapted to the guardian’s schedule, learned their language, ate their food, and slept beside them. It was there to listen, to challenge, to guard, and most of all, to play. It became a warrior who would no longer be caged. It had earned the guardian’s trust and together, they would wage wars.

As the years progressed, the guardian noticed small whimpers during the daylight. The sleepy angel sometimes had troubles moving. It no longer wished to eat. The guardian sat beside its charge and offered it time and patience. The charge had offered its life in service to the guardian and together they felled many enemies. They had overcome obstacle after obstacle but there was a price and the guardian had been selfish. They did not take the brunt of the blows. 

The guardian came to lay beside their charge. They decided these last moments would be one of comfort. One day, the whimpering stopped and the guardian wept. They offered a funeral of great respect and honour to this fallen companion and the gods reclaimed what gift they had given.  

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