Friday, December 16, 2022

Open Your Eyes

Visions of the past play in my eyes like some montage in a sitcom when the writers want a break. By the gods, she was beautiful. Her eyes were alive and full of wild energy. Wonder made them sparkle as she listened attentively. Her light laughter flowed easily but quietly because through it all she was still afraid of making too much noise. It didn’t matter that the threat was long gone. The mind maintains and keeps the fear alive. I would have destroyed the world to keep her safe. I think knowing this is why she left. 

The question now is will my love for her prevail? Separated, will I still sacrifice everything to save her and those under her care? The answer is resoundingly yes. Yes, even though I suppose that makes me the villain. She is too pure for this world. Those that dare defy will have to answer for any transgressions.

She knocked on my door in the rain. She told me she was pregnant. She said that made a lot of mistakes and that she was scared. She didn’t want to marry him. She said that she loved me and cursed herself for her stupidity. 

I held her tight and relived every moment. Every touch we shared replayed torturously. I thought for a moment my mind would break and as I kissed her the heavens thundered and the earth shook. I let her know she had not lost me and whatever she needed was hers. She stayed with me for four days before I woke to an empty house. She left a note. She was doing the right thing. She would marry him.

I raced after her. She had picked duty instead of love and I could not abide. Sometimes you can’t go back. She was walking in the street and I screamed after her. She looked back and smiled. Her eyes alive and full of love. I ran to meet her and heard the screeching of tires. I heard shouting. Yelling. I heard her weeping. Begging. Please don’t leave me. Stay with me.. I love you. Damn it! Don’t leave…

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