Monday, December 12, 2022

Deus Ex Machina

 Spires coated in soot and grime reached towards the heavens. The tarnished city had forgotten what it once was — a pillar of light in all that was good in the world. Now it stands, resolute yet tarnished. Its layers of grime infect the air and the people of the city. They lash out in poverty and violence, pushing back at the feeling of oppression on their skin. There is talk of cleaning the streets in the light of day but the days grow shorter now and empty promises lie forgotten.

A young man with golden hair and a fire in his heart is determined to scale the spires. He wants to prove to the masses that they can overcome. He sees the gleam that lies beneath and the promise of hidden destiny. He starts his ascent and the masses gather. He moves alone as their rising Adonis. They watch in wonder, jealousy, revolt, and capitalism. They steal from their neighbor in the delightful distraction and slowly, they start to see the path as he climbs. Ages of forgotten pollutants wipe away clean as he climbs. 

Someone screams and receives no attention. They point up, crying out for the golden man as he starts to fall. The crowd jostles, assaults, cheers at the downfall, and cries out in despair at the potential loss. 

The snap of bones is unmistakable as he lands in a scream so loud all the birds of the city take flight. Hs is accepted back into society’s loving and cruel embrace but as the masses disperse, some yet remain. They stare at the changes brought by this man. They question the state of disrepair in the world. They fall to their knees in prayer for a future brighter than what they’ve fostered and allowed to grow. They leave their handprints along the base for proof they existed on this day. As they turn away, the needs of the many pull their thoughts until all trace of what transpired that day dies in their memories.

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