Thursday, December 15, 2022

Without Me

 He gathered his long hair into a loose bun. Soft curls threatened to escape but he just needed it out of his face to work so it was of no consequence. It was simply part of the creative process. A trigger to let his brain know it was time to plug in and zone out. Popping in his AirPods he faced the canvas and studied it waiting for inspiration.


He hummed in response and pulled out his phone, looking for a song that might take him forward. A text popped at the top of the screen. Turn around. Smirking, he looked over his shoulder at a beautiful sight. Julian stood smiling, staring at him, tapping at his watch. “You heading out?”

“To the market, yeah. We need produce.”

His smirk turned to a smile as he found a song suitable to start the piece. “Jules, the grocery store has produce.” Hie phone was pulled out of his grasp as Julian took over the music selection. 

“Babe…” He reached for his phone but Julian was quicker. “I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that.” Julian started typing, searching for something. “Let me be your muse.”

“Jules, you know you are.”

He turned away and started to gather his color palette. He’d go with blues and purples for the base. Splash a pink over perhaps for a highlight? He felt wet lips and stubble press against his cheek as Julian slipped the phone back into his hand. “I’ll get dinner while I’m out.” 

“I won’t be hungry.” He looked down at the phone and saw System of a Down and arched his brow. That wasn’t expected. He ditched the blues for red and heard Julian grab his keys at the door.

“I know darling, that’s why I said I’m getting dinner while I’m out.” Red streaked rudely across the canvas. “Bold baby…I’m bringing you something anyway but I’ll be late.” Julian knew his boyfriend was lost in the music and it made him smile, proudly. “Someone has to look out for you.”

“I heard that.”

Julian smirked. “Love you!” 

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