Thursday, December 29, 2022


The scent was light in the air but they could smell it wafting towards them. The saliva dripped from their jowls watering the foliage beneath their feet. One by one they raised their heads in solidarity, singing to the moon and giving respect to the hunt. Eyes wild and teeth bared, they ran, padding softly in shadows. 

Nothing else mattered but this. The pack was getting weaker and food was scarce. This would not escape them. It could not escape them. Their fur shone in white glimmers as they rushed ahead. There should have been a sense of danger but this was desperate times. This prey was dangerous…perhaps the most dangerous. The last time they attempted they had lost valuable members. Desperation can lead to bouts of strength not previously achieved. Desperation can lead to stupidity.

They fanned out into attack formation as they approached the fires around the outside of the camps. The fires were placed to keep predators out as most animals feared the flame. The pack moved in, ignoring the lick of the flame. A call to arms rang out strong and the pack wove and dodged. They brought down one, then two — dragging them back and into the shadows so the young might survive. The leaders understood what this meant. They must sacrifice their own or find new territory. The humans would not sit idle. Only problem was, there was no new territory. It was fight or die.

The pack howled in victory but took the spoils away from the pack for consumption. They would have to be careful and strike hard and fast but only when necessary. They could not risk depleting this food supply. 

And thus began the never ending war, which led to the curse. A human witch turned on their own and gave humans the powers of the wolf. The spell was designed to give humans the upper hand in battle but those infected gave in. The call of the wolf was too primal. Too strong. It devoured them from within. With humans fighting their infected brethren, all hope seemed to be lost that this village would be lost forever. 

The pack gathered once more for a hunt to end it all. Their claws raked and ripped the earth in their speed. Their teeth ripped at the soft skin. The call of the wolf within the infected bowed to the power before them and were cut down without mercy. The humans lay down their weapons and hid as their diseased were eradicated and carried away. 

An effigy was placed to this new god of mercy and war. The humans left offerings of meat that were always gone in the morning light. As long as penance was delivered each night, the wolves were kept at bay and the peace returned to the land.

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