Thursday, December 8, 2022

Pushing Me Away

An avalanche of rock and stone cascades down. Its a free fall rush of wind and debris as you’re pulled along by an unseen entity. Be not afraid. This is not the end of things, though, do watch your head dear. At these speeds, the air feels like a wall. A wall against your skin that holds you and threatens to bruise you. It’s hard to breathe. Hard to pull the cold into your lungs but instead of a gasp, you hold it until it burns. Your cheeks flush and your eyes look around in wonder as the world crumbles.

You can see the end. The rocks bounce back up as they crash and you consider for a moment if they might hit you before you land. Wouldn’t that just be your luck? You have to make it. 

You take a moment and look behind you into the abyss. Chunks of debris rain down with you and you question for a moment if perhaps maybe this was a bad idea. Carpe ad nauseum. You brace yourself for impact by going limp hoping it’s like a car crash. And just as you’re so close you can almost taste it, your vision glitches. Everything goes black. It’s quiet.

“Junie, I think the stupid simulation crashed again.”

Your eyes are seared as the headgear is ripped off your head. “It didn’t crash, it’s just not programmed for this.”

You squint at them as your eyes adjust to the real world. “Then we have work to do.”

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