Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Who Can It Be Now

 “One. Two. Twist. Snap!” The instructor stood at the front watching the group. “And, spin! Spin! Snap that head ladies!” One of the girls stumbled in dizziness. “No no no, all wrong. Everyone stop.” They stopped. Some held out a hand to their neighbor to stop the world from turning. Some tumbled somewhat gracefully and landed looking like a stock photo in their various poses. 

“When you spin, always keep your head facing forward.” The instructor tutted at their confused expressions. “Watch.” She started their routine, demonstrating perfect form. As she got to the spinning portion, to prove a point, she kept going as the song continued. Her students started to applaud and she stopped and bowed. “Wiggle your toes to get your bearings and we’ll resume in five.” 

The instructor sighed and drank from their water bottle. She wondered what in her life led her down this path. Teaching girls who didn’t care about the dance. They needed to check the box that they were involved in an extra curricular. None of them had any particular talent. About the only thing they had in common was a lack of self-awareness. She glanced at the clock high up in the gymnasium wall. Ten more minutes until class was over. She cursed herself silently for not paying more attention. After the five minute break they’d never resume their focus. 


The instructor scratched at her high bun, pushing at the wisps that dangled down in attempt to smooth them with her sweat. She had heard the soft voice but she wanted them to find their gusto. She would ignore it.


Painting a fake curt smile, she spun to look down on the student that summoned her. “Yes, child?”

“Madam, will you watch me please? I think I’ve got it.” The young girl moved off to the side and started snapping her fingers nearly in time with their song. The instructor motioned for her to stop and started the music. The young girl started to dance. Her knees moved quickly drawing her feet back dramatically near perfect. Her toes pointed as she drew her leg high as she started the turn. She spun three times before stopping and bending to grab her knees. She closed her eyes tight. Her face, blotched pink in nausea and embarrassment.

“Do you know why you’re dizzy?”

 “Yes, Madam.” 

The instructor nodded. “Much better, Ellie. I hope you all were paying attention. I expect everyone to be able to nail this next week.” At her words, the students grumbled and started to move to their various bags of belongings to change their shoes and slip a hoodie over their clothes before clomping to the exit. Ellie stood straight once more but remained. 

“Once more, please?”

The instructor checked her watch. “Two minutes Ellie…you don’t want to keep your mom waiting.” She smiled, kindly. “You’ll show me next week.” Ellie blushed and nodded before running to grab her bag and jog out of the gymnasium. The instructor sipped their water once more before collecting her own things and their portable speaker. 

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